Fusing Chilean warmth, German structure and a true Ibiza soul, graphic and 3D designer Maximiliano Guzmán Wilkendorf is a creative with a difference.

After graduating from the University of Viña del Mar in Chile with a graphic design and multi-media communication degree, he continued to pursue his passion for aesthetics via an additional intensive Bachelor of Design degree in before relocating to the Mediterranean island of Ibiza in 2011. Here, he launched his career and created Ibiza Design Studio and established himself as an in-demand creator of art, advertising, editorial and 3D interior, architectural design work, Ibiza design classes and much more.

For Max, design is all about concept, consistency, clarity and communication. Details matter, as does brand identity and a design strategy that focuses on functioning with a positive environmental impact – this is the way of the future. Regardless of the individual project – be it a brand, private client, publication or personal works – Max thrives on the challenge of communicating using a less is more approach. While taking his cues from existing brand identities or specific client briefs, he believes any idea – no matter how big or small – can be conveyed with simplicity and minimalism.

Some of his most recent work has included a foray into the world of 3D interior design rendering and post production. The infinite possibilities within this field has reignited Max’s passion for learning and expanding his creative skillset. Combining his technical skills with his artistic vision and innate passion for architecture, he creates incredibly realistic three-dimensional projects that allow him to play with architectural elements, construction materials, furniture and décor, colours, textures and finally, manipulating the balance of lighting to allow his client to visualise the results and request amendments prior to commencing actual work in their home or workspace.

Evoking a sense of fluidity and elegance through the use of organic colours, shapes and lines, these 3D renders pay testament to Max’s inherent love of nature in Ibiza and Formentera. It is here where he looks for inspiration; while breathing in the fresh Mediterranean air, surrounded by the fragrant pine forests and the glistening sea and gazing out to the horizon. The ever-changing hue of the water; the kaleidoscopic shades of sunset. These are the elements that give Max the peace and space he needs inside his mind in order to let the creative energy flow. He envisions his ideas as concepts floating through the stratosphere – waiting to be caught and transformed into a reality – and once connected, these concepts create new alternatives and future innovation.

Graphic design work remains at the forefront of Max’s portfolio. His extensive back catalogue of work showcases collaborations with many of the island’s most prestigious brands and businesses. In his role with the Go Plus team, he cites the creative freedom he was given to design the second edition of Ibiza Design Magazine 2018/2019 as the key to the stunning hard copy publication’s powerful aesthetic. A true page-turner, the book is filled with with emotion, reason, beauty, intelligence, concept and form – all elements that align deeply with Max’s personal design philosophy.

Past editorial work has also included the design and development of a series of six digital magazines (for Apple and Android devices) for luxury on-island website White Ibiza. This project allowed Max to discover and connect with many of the amazing characters who live on his adopted homeland while also allowing him to dig deep into his creative reserves to create a set of stylish, contemporary and interactive publications that covered all aspects of Ibiza life from beaches, wellness and fashion to gourmet, living and villas. These popular downloadable magazines reached a worldwide audience of Ibiza lovers and remain timeless inspirational guides to Ibiza.

One of the most iconic brands within Max’s portfolio is without a doubt the prestigious Pacha Group – a name that is synonymous with Ibiza the world over. The extensive collective of sub-brands under the main Pacha Ibiza flagship includes Destino Ibiza, Lío Ibiza, El Hotel Pacha and Pacha Sailboat, in addition to a record label, magazine, artist agency, fashion lines and hundreds of international franchises. Max’s three-year working relationship with the brand meant his work crossed all platforms, in the form of flyers, posters, brochures, CD artwork, advertisements and more. While always working within the established brand parameters, Max explored designs with a range of vibrancy and style. During his tenure with the Pacha Group, the company became the first club in the world to achieve more than one million followers on Facebook meaning Max’s design work was exposed to a cosmopolitan global audience.

Through his design work, Max has connected and collaborated with some of the world’s most talented and renowned artists, record labels, events and promoters, including Cocoon Ibiza, Luciano, Solomun+1, Guy Gerber, John Digweed, We Love Space, International Music Summit and many more. Even the esteemed Ayuntamiento de Ibiza (the Town Hall) had Max on their speed dial while he was working for Konkordanz Ibiza – Ibiza Design Artworks; the first local design agency to take him under their wing in 2011. His ability to apply different design approaches to each project, in addition to his natural aptitude for connecting with clients and understanding their unique needs gives Max the scope and flexibility to work within any industry.

2019 sees Max launch Ibiza Design Studio by Maximiliano Guzmán Wilkendorf – an agency focused on architecture and entertainment that allows him to further develop his deep connection with the island. Working alongside architects and brand owners, he plans to develop graphic and 3D interior design rendering projects in addition to designing the dreams of the people of Ibiza. From graphic designs and 3D interior design rendering to branding, editorial, advertising and event design, Ibiza Design Studio is a comprehensive design shop. In addition to his creative work, Max also mentors other designers, teaching them graphic design techniques, helping them understand software programs and finalise their own work.

Ibiza will forever provide inspiration to Max – be it through nature, through a new brand or business connection or simply through his day-to-day perception of island life. From the garden city of Viña del Mar on Chile’s Valparaiso coast to the iconic outline of Es Vedra in the Balearics, Maximiliano Guzmán Wilkendorf continues on his quest for creating beauty.







Interview Ibiza Design Magazine · Issue 2, Ibiza 2018/19.

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When and how did you start to work on projects in Ibiza?

In 2011 I started to work on projects in Ibiza after completing a 5 year degree in graphic design and multimedia communication. I also have an art degree from the University of Vina del Mar, Chile. I travelled constantly to Ibiza chasing my dream, I got to know people and places that made me feel part of everything and over time my connection with the island deepened. Since 2011 I have worked on projects with a variety of agencies and companies such as White Ibiza and Pacha Group, with franchises, promoters, clubs, DJs, producers, hotels, restaurants, boutiques and for the Ibiza Town Hall. I have been part of the Go Plus team since 2015 and I work as a designer in the area of architecture.

What do you most enjoy about your with work Go Plus and what is most challenging?

What I have enjoyed the most is the creative freedom I have had working on the second edition of Ibiza Design Magazine 2018. It has been a pleasure to work with Gabriel and design the magazine. I also enjoy learning and developing Interior Design projects in 3D (Renders) with new programs and infinite possibilities. Working in 3D allows me to modify architectural elements, construction materials, furniture, colors, textures and especially the lighting to be able to see the different results prior to starting the actual work.

It has been a challenge to learn about architecture in Ibiza because each project has its own identity and complexity. For example, reading the architectural plans, understand the technical specifications of the wide variety of products we offer and taking them into account to use them logically in the design.

What are the most important values when it comes to buildings and designs?

For each individual project, the main creative CONCEPT must be identified based on previous observations and the project’s background. The IDENTITY of the brand must be defined, along with the content structure and the objectives of the COMMUNICATIONS plan. It is very important to take into account a design strategy that contemplates a positive environmental impact.




«Maximiliano Guzmán Wilkendorf came to White Ibiza in the spring of 2015 to assist our creative team with editorial-style graphic design work. He then stepped into a role that allowed him to combine his eye for contemporary magazine design with his insider’s knowledge of Ibiza and his technical skills to develop creative and interactive content for a series of Ibiza-inspired digital magazines, for iPad and Android devices, that were successfully received by our readership over the next two years.» – Natalie Chaponnel – White Ibiza Founder & Director.

«When I met Maximiliano, who showed up to work on the team that I led in Pacha Ibiza back in 2012, I realized that he was a designer with a desire to learn and a passion for working. And so it has been. Its development in all these years and its professional growth are now visible on this website. Our working relationship remained a few years, until 2014, that our roads are separated. We have always kept in touch and I recommend him as a professional designer and a very good person.»Carlos Diaz Gallardo – Pacha Ibiza Art Director.


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