Conceptualised, created and proudly presented by Ibiza Design Studio, Hydrated Ibiza is the creation of Maximiliano Guzmán Wilkendorf. After reflecting on his first decade spent on Ibiza, working in the music industry as both a designer and a DJ, Maximiliano was inspired to create a conscious brand that highlights the importance of water through organic house and deep electronic music, with the aim of making the world a better place.

Water is the very essence of life for humans and Mother Earth alike. Without it, we cannot survive; with it, we are united as one. Raising awareness of this sacred element is at the heart of Hydrated Ibiza, where the harmonious connection between their own health and self-sustainable life on the planet is at the forefront of its offerings. After all, water is a right for everyone – not a privilege. Now is a crossroads for great change – the music industry, and the world around it, are ready to evolve. Hydrated Ibiza is a symbol of hope and a pioneer of positivity in a world that needs our help to heal.

Born in Ibiza and streamed across the globe, the Hydrated Ibiza Radio show is hosted by Maximiliano and guests every Thursday from 14h to 15h (CET) on 97.2FM in Ibiza and Formentera and pureibizaradio.com around the world. The weekly broadcast gives Maximiliano a platform from which to share his passion for health, hydration, design and music alongside a selection of hand-picked guests and partners whose values are in alignment with the brand. Tune in and turn it up!

MAXIMILIANO – BIOGRAPHY  Fusing Chilean warmth, German structure and a true Ibiza soul, Maximiliano is a DJ and designer of experiences with a difference. As a child, Maximiliano absorbed many different styles of music at home, thanks to his father’s sincere belief that music should be an essential part of life. From the jazz and classical sounds of his youth to the emotional deep, organic DJ sets he spins in the present, Maximiliano displays a deep affinity with all music. Upon moving to the Mediterranean island of Ibiza in 2005, he kicked off his musical career in hotels, villas, boat parties, clubs and on radio shows, and has since firmly established himself as an in-demand selector and creator of multi-sensory experiences. Hydrated Ibiza is part of the next chapter in his career trajectory.

GUESTS  Curating the signature Hydrated Ibiza sound is a never-ending quest for Maximiliano, who dives deep into a selection of revered labels through the internet and social media channels in search of inspiring tracks and new connections.

Follow the program:  facebook.com/hydratedibiza  Tune in, on-demand: soundcloud.com/maximilianoibz

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Djs 4If you’re interested in becoming a Hydrated Ibiza DJ or having your tracks played on the show, contact info@ibizadesignstudio.com. Stay connected, stay hydrated! facebook.com/hydratedibiza

PARTNERS  The Hydrated Ibiza business model sees the brand finding and aligning with like-minded partners. We can heal the world faster together – if you’re interested in partnering with Hydrated Ibiza, contact info@ibizadesignstudio.com.

Media: Pure Ibiza Radio · Restaurants: Passion Cafés – Sessenci Ibiza · Real State: Let Us · Electric Instalations: Can Tec  · Products: Agua en Caja Mejor · Associations: World Cleanup Day – Ibiza Limpia · Yoga: Carola Achinger


DONATIONS  Want to become a Hydrated Ibiza sponsor and contribute directly to improving the planet? Socially conscious sponsors can help Hydrated Ibiza spread the message further and faster, making a bigger impact through advertising and events. Contact info@ibizadesignstudio.com for more information on getting involved with this big-hearted organisation.

CONTACT  Stay in touch, stay hydrated! Keep up to date with Hydrated Ibiza via the web, email and social media at the following links.

Info and bookings: info@ibizadesignstudio.com · Listen: soundcloud.com/maximilianoibz

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