Hydrated Ibiza


Maximiliano-Guzman-2-squareIbiza Design Studio presents “HYDRATED Ibiza”® – Created in 2019 by Maximiliano Guzmán Wilkendorf With the need to highlight the water as our most important sacred element, because it keeps the balance of life and is necessary to exist. The aim of the label Hydrated is to raise awareness through design and deep electronic music and it emphasizes the importance of a healthy connection between the human spirit and mother earth as one.

HYDRATED radio show hosted by Maximiliano and guests on Pure Ibiza Radio, every Thursday 14:00-15:00 on www.pureibizaradio.com 97.2FM Ibiza and Formentera. Stay connected and Hydrated.

MAXIMILIANO Fusing Chilean warmth, German structure and a true Ibiza soul, Maximiliano is a Dj and designer of experiences with a difference. His father considered that music is a very essential part of life. Due to this Maximiliano started listening to different styles of music at home, from jazz to classical, at a very young age which influenced his afinity to music to a great extent. After playing in many clubs, radios, hotels, villas and boat parties on the island, he continued to pursue his passion in the Mediterranean island of Ibiza since 2005. Here, he established himself as an in-demand creator of emotional deep dj sets, design and much more.

DJ GUESTS Altaya (L.A.) · Art in Motion (Rio de Janeiro) · Bjorn Salvador (Iceland) · Cocho (Argentina) · Dominik Aguilera (San Roque) · Elkins (Italy) · Fabian Dresdens (Belgium) · Gadi Mitrani (Estambul) · Gustin (Dublin) · Javier Gonzalez (Ibiza) · Jen Stallard (Sydney) · Luca Cociuffo (Argentina) · Manos (Denver) · Masyga (Chile) · Navaa (Mozambique) · Pierre Johnson (South Africa) · Rián Kearney (Ireland) · Stuart Hunter (Sydney)

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MAXIMILIANO AT HYDRATED RADIO SHOW · Chapter #001 on Pure Ibiza Radio 06.02.20